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The author tries on one of the jackets skeptically At first I thought this was just my friend giving a stranger the benefit of the doubt and getting bilked. Upon Googling the name on their name tags, EA Collection, the first results are "scam," as well as eBay prices for the jackets starting at one dollar. Back in New York for Christmas, I bring the jackets as joke presents to a friend's party; a bunch of us wear them, about ten in all, but no one wants to keep them.

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Same story, Iphone for his son's birthday, off to airport to head to New York and didn't want to pay duty. Funny though, I got 5 jackets for Who cares if they are authentic, that is tremendous value. I don't understand why he didn't just say, hey I am selling jackets 5 for The driver spoke to me in a heavy Italian accent, and said that he recognized me from his Dad's shop??

He gave me a business card which later turned out to be from an earlier encounter and asked for my card in return thankfully, I had none with me to give him. He offered to give gifts because he supposedly knew me!

The other fellow never spoke or moved from passenger seat appeared to be a bit heavier set with short light brown hair. Near Toronto airport Dec 6 Needed directions to Pearson. Flight to Italy at 9. Gave me 3 ae leather jackets and told me to put in car. Same "gift from employer, too much taxes to bring home and white suv rental" scenario. I had no money to give him. He wanted to follow me to bank. When he realized I wasn't really interested he said you keep as gift and left.

I thought he was for real but read these other comments while trying to search jackets online. Don't fall for it. Comment the review as Italian Guy verified representative. You can try to reach review author by writing a comment to the review or try one of our business solutions. All reviews Footwear and Clothing Italian Guy 2. Italian Guy - Fake ae leather jacket.

Private message Share Share. Yes 16 No 3. Your Name or Login. I have read and agree to the Pissed Consumer Terms of Service. Post Comment Post Comment Cancel. Convert into review Leave as comment. I agree to TOS Cancel. Anonymous Anonymous Apr 11 Yes 0 No 0. Anonymous Anonymous Mar 20, Anonymous Anonymous Mar 13, Hey I just met the same guy are the jacket still good.

Anonymous Anonymous Dec 08, I had the same experience in Pembrokeshire, Wales. A guy who asked for directions. I bought three jackets off him. Anonymous Anonymous Jul 13, Same scam in Edmonton, guy in ford explorer going to aiport.. Anonymous Anonymous Jan 28, Met this guy in Switzerland today!!! Anonymous Anonymous to Anonymous Apr 21, Anonymous anonymous Nov 13, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Had business card as Antonio A. I feel like shit—have been confronted once again by my own greed and grandiosity.

Hope you don't fall for this one. Two other New Yorkers wrote about getting scammed in This story below give you some idea of the variations that the scammers use to rope people in:. He started by asking for directions to JFK, otherwise I wouldn't have given him the time of day. Then he just reeled me in, very smooth!

He said he wanted to buy a Playstation for his son; just came from a show, had all these jackets and a suit and didn't want to pay the duty tax on them.

He showed me a passport and had business cards from the Armani Store in Milan; then used the lighter on the leathers. I was walking away and he offered to give me the jackets for wasting my time, and actually handed them to me and was about to drive away; and thats when I went stupid and offered him the money. I can't believe I fell for this shit! I got back to my hotel and realized I had been duped. I'm going to donate the clothing to a charity.

It won't hurt so much that way. These guys are a disgrace to the Italian people. Not all Italians are criminals. There's good and bad in all kinds. It's unclear whether this is one organized group traveling from city to city all the scams seem to take place relatively close to airports and moving along before local police can get wind of the game—or if it is several different people perpetuating the same crime.

But the card above, taken from one of the scammer forums, is the same business card my friend was given by "Gianni. After telling this story to various other people, I discovered someone else I knew had also been taken by this scam back in in NYC:. He tells me he works in Milan in the fashion business for Emporio Armani. He's extremely jovial, very respectful and kind.

He launches into this story about how he's just been in NYC for 10 days for a fashion event, and he's going to the airport in Newark, I guess, hence Lincoln Tunnel? He says, 'feel how nice they are. I'm thinking the whole time, 'hmm, what if they're real, and I can sell them for a huge profit—this guy's really in a bind, so should I try to help him out?

He tells me to get in the car, and we drive a few blocks. We go into an ATM, and he respectfully stands back as I type in my pin, and then I show him on screen, 'look, see? He gives me the jackets. My mind starts to race: But it's ok, he's so nice, he's legit, I'll sell them anyway—no worries. I ask when's your flight, and he tells me "12 [midnight]"—in retrospect, an unlikely time for an international flight, probably. I hand him the money, and he shakes my hand. He drives off, and I walk off, feeling slightly triumphant but a little confused.

I don't actually have time to look at them until 4 a. I ended up dumping them in a big bro, big sister clothing box I don't need three fake leather shitty jackets. I'll let my friend recount his own tale of how he was fooled in the San Bruno area: He asks me in a thick Italian accent if I know how to get to the San Francisco airport.

I point him in the right direction, and he then asks me if I could help with something else. His boss is Giorgio Armani, and he has just come from the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco, where they were participating in a fashion expo. He has these jackets, "very nice," and can't afford to pay customs duties on them. He hands me his card, with the Emporio Armani logo on it, his name "Gianni," and his phone number.

The author tries on one of the jackets skeptically.

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