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This puts innerspring mattresses at a disadvantage over memory foam, which absorbs the pressure points and contours around them evenly. This keeps your spine in alignment. Innerspring mattresses are heavier than memory foam and natural latex mattresses because they are made with more metal content. These pesky critters love the layers of wool and pocket fibre in the core.

Memory foam is impenetrable, but innerspring mattresses put out the welcome mat for dust mites. Memory foam was the wonder product of the late s and took the bed world by storm.

Two scientists invented foam that was made of polyurethane but with added chemicals to increase its viscosity and density. The foam has an open-cell solid structure that matches pressure against it, yet slowly springs back to its original shape.

The groundbreaking invention is sensitive to temperature which is how memory foam moulds to the shape of your body and only where points on the body apply more pressure, like shoulders and hips.

The first memory foam mattress was developed by a Swedish company and launched on the market in , nearly a quarter of a century after NASA sent it to space. The reason being that memory foam was originally too expensive to use in consumer products.

Memory foam made an enormous impact on the medical world when it was used to create mattresses for patients who are bedridden or lie immobile for long periods of time. The pressure on points of the body weighing more heavily on the mattress impair blood flow which causes pressure sores and gangrene. Memory foam significantly decreases this problem in bedridden patients or patients who experience extreme pain from conditions such as fibromyalgia. NASA invented memory foam, and it took the medical world by storm because of its unique features that range from pressure point relief to dust mite resistance.

This is a core feature of memory foam which is why it is used extensively in hospitals to help prevent pressure sores and reduce pain in sensitive areas. This is when the downward pressure exerted by a body creates friction where body points meet upward resistance from the mattress foam and upholstery layer. Prolonged pressure affects circulation and damages soft tissue. Memory foam is designed to yield and adjust to the shape of a body, which is different to a spring mattress where a body contours around the form of the mattress.

This means memory foam absorbs pressure points better, such as shoulders and hips. If you sleep on your side or back, your shoulders, hips, and heels create pressure points on a mattress. This causes muscle tension and lower back pain, which can lead to chronic back pain. Memory foam can absorb the pressure at key points and conform to the body. When you lie on a memory foam mattress, it softens, bends and relaxes only in that concentrated area, so every part of your body is in alignment.

It reduces pressure on sensitive areas and keeps the spine in alignment. Moving on an innerspring mattress creates a wave of motion which can be irritating for your sleeping partner. A memory foam mattress absorbs motion and isolates it rather than transfers it across the mattress. Whether you are a back, stomach or side sleeper, memory foam accommodates any position because of its ability to contour around a body.

The Visco foam moulds around shoulders, hips, and heels which means that you can settle into any position comfortably. On the other hand, a typical innerspring mattress could have up to 10 million dust mites inside it because they love the fluffy fiber padding and large open spaces between the coils. Memory foam is an excellent choice if you suffer from allergies or asthma. It not only repels dust mites, but it also limits other allergens such as mould. Memory foam mattresses last longer because the high-density structure is a key feature.

You will have your memory foam mattress for many, many years before it starts even slightly to sag. Memory foam may be perfect for astronauts, but it does have its faults. Gel particles fused with Visco foam reduce the amount of heat trapped in the core layer.

It also speeds up the time it takes for the mattress to spring back and helps make the mattress feel softer. Memory foam mattresses are not suitable for babies or small children. This is because the foam moulds around a shape and a baby may find it difficult to turn over. If they roll over onto their stomach, they may suffocate. Memory foam is affected by temperature.

It softens and moulds around a body in response to body temperature and weight. If you are very heavy and tend to sweat a lot, a memory foam mattress may not be ideal. Avoid buying a memory foam mattress if you are very heavy unless you can get a gel one. Memory foam mattresses for sale are often more expensive than innerspring mattresses, although latest technology has improved the design of the latter which has pushed up the price of the higher quality makes.

Latex foam is a natural product, made from the milky sap of a rubber tree. The sap is harvested and turned into blocks of latex rubber. A latex foam mattress is naturally springy despite not having any springs, coils or infused with synthetic chemicals. Latex foam competes head-on with memory foam for support and comfort. The high-density foam responds well to pressure points and contours to the shape of a body.

This keeps the spine in alignment and helps prevent lower back pain and other niggling aches. Latex foam is a natural product and does not contain polyurethane. If you are concerned about the environment and the effects of off-gassing from the harsh chemicals, latex foam is a better choice of mattress. Latex foam works in the same way as memory foam in that movement on one side of the bed is hardly felt on the other side.

Dust mites cannot settle in and reproduce in latex foam as it is a dense, impenetrable material structure. There are also no open cells within the foam which means there is no build-up of mould in the foam. Latex itself has a natural open-cell structure which is good for air circulation. Pinholes are naturally created during the manufacturing process which also improves airflow. The off-shoot of this is latex foam breathes more easily. Latex foam is naturally designed to last longer than an innerspring mattress because of its high-density properties.

Latex foam mattresses usually cost more than their counterparts. This is because the foam is derived from nature and not from a machine. Organic latex foam is the best eco-friendly option, but not all-natural latex foam mattresses are organic.

This is a big secret in the mattress world! Most latex foam mattresses are made from a synthetic compound because it produces a greater degree of firmness. Some are made of a natural and synthetic blend, where the manufacturers add a chemical from the polymerization of petroleum. The only way you are guaranteed of an all-natural, guilt-free foam is to buy one that comes with an organic seal of approval, issued by the Global Organic Latex Standard GOLS.

GOLS is a guarantee that the foam is produced from milky sap harvested from trees grown to meet organic practices and the whole manufacturing process is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Organic latex foam mattresses are a lot more expensive. Natural latex is made from milky sap harvested from a rubber tree. The sap is whipped into froth and steam baked but it some cases it is processed by a freezing technique. This uses a lot of energy which means that it is not a totally environmentally-friendly option.

He or she might be trying to get rid of stock or pushing a brand to earn more commission. How Long Is the Warranty? You want to choose a mattress that the seller will stand by. Generally, the longer the warranty, the longer you can expect the mattress to last, so you get a good investment.

Does This Mattress Require a Foundation? A foundation may be optional for a foam mattress, though you might prefer it for the added height.

If you share your bed with a partner, this is a biggie. Still no cure for snoring, though. Some mattresses are made with materials that hold in a lot of heat, which can leave you too hot to sleep. Look for a mattress made with materials designed to dissipate body heat. Mattresses can be made from natural or synthetic materials. Knowing which ones feel too firm and which ones feel too soft can help you narrow down your selection to find the perfect mattress for your body.

The ideal mattress should minimize stress on your cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. For many years, people with back pain were told to sleep on a hard mattress. This is no longer the case. In fact, research shows that people who sleep on very firm mattresses have the poorest quality of sleep. A high-quality memory foam mattress or natural latex mattress has ergonomic features that provide relief for back pain and prevent any discomfort from getting worse. The experts recommend buying a medium-to-firm mattress; not too soft and not too hard.

Memory foam conforms to the shape of a sleeper which means the heavier and protruding points of the body shoulders and hips sink in while the lighter points waist and neck lie on top of the mattress. Sleeping in this naturally aligned position means there is no dipping or extension in the spine. Old-fashioned innerspring mattresses are not ideal for people with back pain or suffering from painful conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. There is less give for a start, and they eventually start to sag which means the spine is not kept in alignment.

Modern innerspring mattresses have been re-engineered to provide greater support. The consensus is medium-firm memory foam, or latex mattress is a better choice for bad backs. The parts of the body that are heavier or protrude can sink in deeper, and the lower back is fully supported and relaxed.

Research studies have proven that sleep is an effective way to combat obesity. There is a definitive connection between poor sleep habits and obesity. Studies on sleep habits have shown that if you sleep fewer than five hours a night your circadian rhythm goes out of cadence. Investing in the right mattress with a strong base will go a long way towards helping you sleep well as they provide the support you need and added comfort. Start your journey to better health with a better mattress.

There are three choices of the mattress for heavy people and all three offer excellent support benefits:. This is new-age technology that is engineered to mould around a sleeper and provide maximum support to keep the spine in alignment. Memory foam reacts to heat and reduces the pressure exerted at points such as shoulders, hips, bottoms, and heels.

Latex foam provides the best support for heavy people, but it is pricier than memory foam because it is made from a natural product, which is milky sap extracted from rubber trees. Latex has high-density properties and is the most durable mattress available on the market. It is firm but also offers pressure point relief. The cost of a latex foam mattress is higher than the other two options, but it lasts longer which offsets the price difference. Modern coil mattresses have changed since the old days of springs popping through old mattresses from overuse.

Choose an innerspring mattress with pocket coils that are separated rather than held together with wire. These beds are more commonly found in medical facilities which treat long-term and bedridden patients.

They are made using extremely strong material and fitted with a thick, durable mattress which suits heavy people. The benefits of a bariatric bed come from the strong steel frame. A mattress made from memory foam and latex adds to longevity, support, and comfort. The description stuck and today we get King size and Queen size beds. Simmons was the first manufacturer to bring King- and Queen-size beds to the market in the late s.

They also marketed two single beds placed together as a twin bed. The weight of an adult sleeper is dispersed more evenly over a larger space. It is always good to know the different bed sizes in cm specifically available in South Africa. This is the largest mattress and base available in South Africa. Many of us like our sleeping partners close for a midnight cuddle. King size beds are the same size as two single beds placed together. A standard Queen-size bed is very popular, and a few brands are made with extra length cm.

This size fits perfectly in most standard-size main bedrooms. A double bed for sale is smaller than a Queen-size bed but suitable for two sleepers. A few brands on the market make double beds with extra length cm. A double bed is suitable for smaller and lightweight people, and ideal for young adults and teenagers. A three-quarter bed is ideal for young adults and older children. Three-quarter beds are perfect for students living in residence or small rooms in communes.

Most rooms at a university residence are small, and you still need space for a desk and chair. Three-quarter beds are available in extra length cm in certain mattress ranges. Linen and duvet sets for single beds are affordable. A single bed can fit into any space and two single beds put together is perfect for adults who need more space and comfort.

A popular thing to do is to put two single beds together instead of buying an expensive King-size bed. Couples who complain of being often disturbed in the night by a restless partner find this the perfect solution to midnight fights over space and the duvet. The standard length of a bed is cm; an extra-length mattress is cm.

The only issue with buying an extra-length mattress and base is you need new linen. King and Queen duvets are made in the same width cm , although there is a 30cm difference in width between the two mattresses. King duvets are 20cm longer than Queen duvets, although both beds are the same length cm. These can be prevented with proper maintenance and care which includes rotating or flipping the mattress regularly, keeping it dry and using a good quality mattress protector.

Here are the top 10 bed makes in South Africa. Do your research before buying a new bed because the choice of brands and benefits can be overwhelming.

A new mattress and base set is a long-term investment so choose wisely. We recommend putting as much effort into searching for the right bed as you would look for the best car. Your health and well-being depend on quality sleep. Cloud Nine is an independent division of a South African company that makes premium quality polyurethane foam mattresses and upholstered bases. Cloud Nine mattresses are made with multi-layered Viscous Elastic and Polyurethane foam products. Cloud 9 beds have been around since , and the brand has proven itself in the market.

Each mattress consists of high-density foam layers, and each layer has its unique properties to ensure maximum support and comfort. Cloud Nine beds provide excellent posture support, which is great for people with injuries or general back pain. They are hygienic and allergy free because the foam layers are stable once cured. A Cloud Nine mattress and base set promises great comfort on top of functionality and support.

Edblo is a Proudly South African bed and has been on the market for almost a century. The manufacturing company provides excellent customer service and prides itself on producing the highest quality bases and mattresses. Edblo is consistently reviewing its designs and manufacturing standards and stays up-to-date with advanced sleep technology; adapting and extending its product range to accommodate innovations in mattress and base designs.

This includes the feature-packed new Edblo Supreme Collection which features the latest in sleep technology but is priced to be affordable. Fabbro has earned a reputation as one of the most luxurious bed and mattress brands in South Africa. A Fabbro mattress and base set is a luxury purchase but well worth the price you pay when you experience ultimate support and comfort. Each mattress incorporates materials such as cashmere and organic wool, which is combined using high-tech production techniques to create the perfect bed.

A Fabbro mattress leaves you feeling cool, fresh and dry because it is designed to constantly circulate air. The latest mattresses made by Fabbro incorporate gel-infused memory foam which prevents overheating and sagging, making a Fabbro bed a long-term investment in quality sleep.

Unique Compression Activation technology acts as a rapid response system, so the foam quickly moulds around a sleeper and releases fast. This provides optimum relief for pressure points and effortlessly keeps the spine aligned. Fabbro makes an innerspring mattress using the pocket spring systems. Genessi Beds are sturdy and durable and designed to offer maximum support and comfort. These benefits come from the use of high density and specialty foams incorporated into their mattresses.

A Genessi Bed is engineered to limit cross movement, provide pressure point relief and keep the spine in alignment. A sleeper is not disturbed by the movement as the foam does not have a rigid, connected structure and is designed to react only to the immediate area where pressure or body heat is applied. Genessi beds are treated with Nano-Technology which is added protection against mosquitos, dust mines, bed bugs, and bacteria.

The foam is non-allergenic and has an open cell structure which makes it more breathable. Air and moisture flow freely through the foam mattress. The makers of Maxipedic Beds have adopted the latest in advanced sleep technology to produce a range of beds that offer the ultimate in support and comfort. They offered a luxury line but priced to offer outstanding value. Rest Assured is a much-loved South African brand and has always promised superior quality at an affordable price.

Double-tempered coils provide extra durability, and a solid construction supports all body shapes and weights. Soft pillow tops and memory foam used in the construction provide stylish comfort. The makers of Rest Assured provide world-class customer support and after-sales service to give you peace of mind. Sealy was one of the first to position itself on orthopedic benefits and features, known then as Sealy Posturepedic.

The manufacturing company introduced a Posturepedic range for spinal or neck pains, long before other bed manufacturers identified the gap. Sealy beds offer excellent support and comfort features using advanced sleep technology. An assimilated inner support system produces properties that provide the deep-down orthopedic support you need from a modern bed.

Serta Beds is regarded as the number one mattress manufacturer in the United States, and the brand has made an impact on the South African market in recent years. The manufacturing company has earned a reputation for creating beds of the highest quality favoured by high-end hotels and safari lodges.

Serta has backed its manufacturing process over the past 75 years with leading research and development in the field of advanced sleep technology. Serta has also pioneered a variety of exclusive features which includes the patented Advanced Comfort Quilt and Continuous Support Innerspring. The Simmons Bedding Company is one of the oldest bed manufacturing enterprises in the United States and was the first manufacturer to pioneer orthopedic-engineered mattresses. Beautyrest is its flagship brand, and mattresses and bed bases that followed have been designed harnessing the latest in advanced support and comfort innovations.

In fact, Simmons has patented designs in its quest to improve quality of sleep. One patent that took the world by storm was the pocketed coil system which minimizes movement in the mattress.

Many sleepers with restless partners have Simmons to thank for this innovative technology. Simmons Beds were also the first to introduce specialty foam such as memory foam and latex which provides superior support by keeping the spine in alignment and offering pressure point relief. High-end hotels and luxury safari lodges have placed their trust in Simmons Beds for decades to provide luxury mattresses for their customers. Restonic has been making quality beds since the late s, and the company has invested heavily in research and development to stay ahead of the trends and create mattresses and bases that are leaders in the market.

The company has received countless rewards for its innovative designs and manufacturing processes and remains highly regarded as a brand that guarantees superior support and comfort.

Restonic beds offer customers a wide choice of mattresses, ranging from innerspring mattresses to memory foam mattresses, natural latex, and hybrid mattresses. There are pros and cons to buying a mattress or whole new bed online. We address them in this final chapter of our Guide to buying a new bed. This means you need to do your research before selecting and purchasing a new bed online. Most popular online bed companies deliver anywhere in South Africa, but you need to check if they deliver to your town before spending time selecting a bed online.

Delivery charges depend on the distance between the store and your home. A few online bed companies offer a free delivery service to homes within a close radius to its warehouse.

There is a delivery period that you need to find out about. A reputable bed company sells well-known brands that are made according to the highest manufacturing standards. The manufacturers of these brands issue a warranty for damage caused by poor workmanship or defective materials. Check out the warranty period on the brand you prefer.

Remember, a warranty does not indicate the lifespan of a mattress; only the period that the company commits to replacing and repairing a mattress or base because of manufacturing defects. A warranty does not apply if it is soiled, burnt, stained or ripped through misuse in a household. The online bed company will inspect the mattress or base before honoring the warranty.

After doing extensive research to find your perfect bed and ordering it online, it might not measure up to expectations when you get to sleep on it.

This is why the trial period that an online bed company offers is very important. A reputable online bed company should offer a trial period of up to 3 months. The stipulated trial period always comes with a few conditions which you need to be aware of before ripping off the plastic and jumping into bed.

An online bed company relies on you to be a responsible buyer. Make your selection based on a thorough review of a brands benefits and specifications. This is necessary as mattresses and bases can get damaged during shipping and delivery.

If the bed arrives scuffed or fabric is torn, notify the bed company immediately and activate the cancellation policy. The return policy peace-of-mind guarantee that you can return a bed purchased online if you are not completely satisfied. Most companies offer a full refund if the mattress or bed set is returned within 7 days. To return the bed, it must still be in its original packaging which has not been opened.

Make a price comparison of prices in a retail store before selecting one online to make sure that you are getting a new bed online at a reduced cost. Bed companies can put a good marketing spin on any mattress. In fact, most bed companies say the same thing… that the modern mattresses offer superior support and comfort. Well, they do because advances in sleep technology have introduced innovations such as memory foam, natural latex, and pocket coil mattresses. Take as long as you want to test drive a new mattress.

Online bed companies also have clearance sales so look out for these. The websites have all the brands, prices and specs and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. You can shop at night. Buying online is much safer than it used to be as long as you buy from a reputable online bed company.

Buying online means that you can buy from anywhere in South Africa. The only issue is whether the company will deliver to far-flung areas. If you buy a mattress online, the trial period is usually longer. Retail shops usually offer a trial period of one month, while most online bed companies offer a trial period of up to 3 months. Manufacturers and retailers are gearing up for e-commerce because brick-and-mortar stores, rentals and sales staff increase costs substantially. We may see the day where we only buy mattresses and bed sets online, so they have to make it work and encourage people to trust in the process.

This is not always the case so check the cost of delivery before making a purchase online. This is just another thing to get used to; buying online. There is so much choice now compared to the old days, and the mattress technology is more complicated. This means you have to take the time to read up on the brands and benefits. Buying online usually involves more online research.

What do you do with your old mattress? Online companies may use a courier company to deliver its mattresses and bed sets. Often, they do not provide an added-value service where the delivery men will carry the mattress and base into your home and take it through to your bedroom.

Get around this problem by buying online from a bed company that has its delivery trucks. There are always a few shady operators out there that ruin it for the good guys. The good reviews you read online might be fake. Worse, you could be scammed out of your money and never receive the bed.

Always buy online from a reputable bed company. Preferably one that has brick-and-mortar stores and a head office as well as an e-commerce service. That way you can find someone to deal with a problem instead of hunting someone down in cyberspace.

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